What Are Solicitors

What Can They Help You With

When it comes to legal issues, you probably hear different terms all the time, but don’t know what they mean exactly. This can be the case when talking about what each representative of the law does. So we have decided to help you with some basic information.

You have probably heard of solicitors and if you don’t know, they are in most cases the first ones you call when you want to solve a legal problem that is connected to selling or buying a house or a company. The first thing they can help you with is providing legal advice, which means that you can call them even if you don’t have any concrete problem, rather you just want to get informed. Their job is also to prepare and draft legal documents and conduct research as a part of any legal case.


Sometimes they can also be in court with the role of an advocate, although in most cases this is done by a barrister. It is important to know that solicitors can work either in private practice or a law firm, or even as a part of a legal department of a certain organization. This means that their clients can be individuals needing legal advice, or companies and organizations as well. Something they can do as well is buy and sell residential or commercial property, help with company mergers and offer legal help with construction projects.

So, now you know what a solicitor does end it should be clearer what type of help you should call them for. When you understand their line of work, it will be a lot easier to assess the situation you are in and get the right type of help for you.