How FMLS Can Help Your Real Estate Business Succeed

Quick Guide

First MLS (FMLS) has been serving realtors in Georgia since 1957. Realtors rely on them to provide multiple listing services on properties on the market so they can provide their clients with information on the specific types of property they desire. Decades ago, only people in the real estate profession had access to this information. However, the internet has made it very easy to share this information with prospective clients. The result is easier generation of strong leads and better conversion of leads into customers. If you are a realtor, this can boost your business.


The MLS tool can be incorporated into your business website seamlessly, regardless of its design. It has strong search engine optimization capabilities that can boost your site rankings when potential leads conduct a search for properties online. It can add value to the content of your website which will keep your leads engaged and interested. The more time they spend on your website, the more opportunities you have in converting these leads into viable customers.

The tool is designed to be easy to use by anyone. It provides information access to all properties that are listed on the multiple listing service by any real estate agency. Your site visitors can input any number of criteria they want in terms of property features, location, and price range. This gives your leads a list of results that are the most relevant, one of which can end up to be the home of their dreams. Because they found their dream home on your website, there is a higher possibility that they will click the button and ask you for assistance. This gives you the perfect opportunity to convert them into your client.

FMLS provides a powerful tool that can expand your customer base. It can make your Georgia real estate business more successful.