House Extension Project

Hallway Décor Ideas

There may come a time in your life when your home just starts getting small. Whether it is because your family is getting bigger, or because you are getting new ideas you want to realize, you may think about doing some house extension.

If you are considering a project like this, you should consult Builders Barrow In Furness and have them create a detailed blueprint of how it should all look. One of the easiest ways to do it is adding some hallway space, and here are some ideas on how to decorate it. Your hallway is a perfect place to put a huge mirror in. It will visually make space look bigger, plus it has a practical purpose because you can see how you look whenever you leave the house. There are many beautiful shoe storage ideas that you can incorporate.

Builders Barrow In Furness

You can choose white or tan-colored furniture to open up space even more. Open shelves and wardrobes are pretty popular now, so if you are sure you will keep it tidy, you can try this design. Add some rattan boxes for storage, and you can keep your umbrellas, shoe products, or pet items there. Place a bowl on top of one of the shelves, and use it to put keys so you know where they are at any time. You can consult with Builders Barrow In Furness, but adding large windows will make the hallway look even bigger, and it will bring more light to the whole house.

If you need extra storage space, a hallway extension is the best choice. It can be easily built, and with a few creative ideas, you can turn it into an amazing part of your home.