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If you’re looking for a place to have your game head mounted with incredible attention to detail and life-likeness, you have found the right place.

Buckies Taxidermy is a professional taxidermist based in Michigan, and specializes in animal mounting, particularly game animals. Buckies has been serving Southeastern Michigan for over 30 years, with clients all throughout the counties of the region, including Washtenaw, Wayne, Macomb, Livingston, Jackson and Ingham. As a practices and committed taxidermist, Buckies believes in creating quality pieces of work for my customers, no matter the animal that is brought to me.

Game animals have always been a huge part of owner Allen Gregory’s life, in more ways than one. Gregory raised a pet deer in 1985, and took his name – Buckie – for the business. Buckie was an incredibly important part of Gregory’s life, and he wanted to pay tribute to the deer by naming his business after him. More than 30 years ago, Gregory started doing taxidermy on a part-time basis because he’d always had the desire to create art in this manner, a desire that Gregory believes came from God. He gives us all special talents to use and Gregory’s is the artistry of breathing a little life back into animals that have passed and creating a piece that can bring personality and a sense of accomplishment to any room that it’s mounted in.

Gregory has always loved animals, and taxidermy gives him a chance to recreate God’s creation, as well has pay a little respect to animals by creating a lasting mount that allows them to enjoy a second life. Gregory treats all of the animals that are brought to him with immense respect, taking great care to make sure the animal is not mishandled. Taxidermy is about making a piece of art out of something most people would see beauty in.

After seven years of doing taxidermy part time, the business grew. Gregory found that work with taxidermy could be a true full-time career, and Buckies was born. Running with the success he had come into, Gregory left his full-time job as a hoist technician to take up taxidermy as a full-time career. However, that wasn’t quite where he wanted to be – both in business and in my work – and Gregory knew there was still a lot to learn about creating beautiful pieces of taxidermy work, and he didn’t want to end up hurting his business or his customers by lacking some very important skills.

Taxidermy is truly an art, and it takes a lot of energy, talent and effort to create pieces that are truly life-like – but it also takes technical skills and techniques, and Gregory needed to learn these to become a taxidermist who everyone would want to do business with. In pursuit of wanting to be the best, he took a master taxidermy class with world champion taxidermist Joe Meder in Solon, Iowa, and it couldn’t have been more helpful for Gregory’s career. Through this class, he gained an immense amount additional knowledge that has helped improve his work and the business, including techniques needed to add realism to the game heads and life-size animals. There was a wealth of information offered through this class, and it has definitely paid off in the years since – both for Gregory and for his customers. The taxidermy work has improved immensely since Gregory took that class, and that, plus more than 30 years’ experience, allows him to excel and offer top quality animal mounting and taxidermy in Michigan.

The class also challenged Gregory in a variety of ways. As a result of the class, Gregory decided to test out his work and chose to compete at the Michigan Taxidermy Association Competition. He didn’t disappoint – in consecutive years in the ‘90s, Gregory took first, second and third place with my deer mounts (see photos below). Gregory prides himself in the lifelike quality of his work, and he works diligently to make sure that any animal that is brought in to Buckies is replicated as closely as possible to the real thing.

Animal & Game Head Mounting in Michigan
First Place Deer Head 1996
Professional Division – Michigan
White Tail Deer Head Mount
Second Place Deer Head 1995
Professional Division – Michigan Competition
Third Place Deer Head 1994
Professional Division – Michigan Competition












Gregory has worked with a lot of animals, and specializes are game heads and mammals, such as whitetail deer, mule deer, antelope, elk, moose, caribou, bear, fox, coyote and bobcat – basically anything that you would bring in from a hunt. Gregory always makes sure to add as much realism to his work as he possibly can, and raising a whitetail deer for 12 years named Sparky definitely helped. Sparky helped provided an excellent frame of reference to re-create a truly lifelike mount, and all that time spent with him translates across the work at Buckies. What better way to understand the anatomy, movement and true look of an animal than to spend years living with one?

Though most of the work at Buckies is done with mammals, Gregory does other work as well, including those with mounts with fish and birds. His work is immaculate, extremely realistic, and will surely be the star feature of any wall you choose to mount it on.

Buckies Taxidermy strives to create realistic, top-quality mounts with no short-cuts. Though it takes longer and requires more effort, Gregory believe in doing things the right way, and that doesn’t include taking an easy route that will detract from the quality or appearance of the animal being worked on. Satisfying customers is Buckies’ No. 1 priority, and Gregory’s experience, creativity and desire for excellence provide the best quality mounts. He doesn’t just want to create pieces for customers that will only last for a few years before looking worn and dull, he wants to make work that will last a lifetime, truly providing customers with a finished product that’s worth what they spend. Gregory takes the time, care and effort needed to create pieces that are absolutely impeccable. Gregory does his best to create perfect pieces of work. You can view photos of the animal mounting and taxidermy work performed at Buckies by visiting the links on this website.

Buckies Taxidermy looks forward to serving you with your taxidermy needs. As your full-service Michigan taxidermist, there’s no job too big, too small or too complex for Gregory to handle. To learn more, call Buckies today at 734-426-2485 or stop by and take a look at the show room today.